Foundation is the basic structure of this dance.

Without understanding the basics, basic movements, basic steps, rhythm concepts, musicality.
You cant create or develop a style.

"Without Foundation, You cant create style"-Teknyc (SKMZ)

Without structure how will you be able to move on up to the next level?

It's like building a house, a house needs to have a structure or else it will crumble.

Foundation isnt only basic dance moves. It's also an approach to the dance.


Foundational concept of moves:

1.) Top Rocks

2.) Down Rocks

3.) Freezes

4.) Power

5.) Approach

Foundational basic moves:

Outlaw Step, Outlaw dance, Outlaw Spin, Salsa Spin, Spreads, Hustle Step, Salsa Step, Salsa front, Salsa back, Frontal Step, Back Step, Kick Step, Indian Step, Cross Over, Charleston, Running Man, Marches, Gliding Spreads, Side Step, Apache Step, Indian Step Uprock, Brooklyn Uprock/ Battle Rock

Downrocks: footwork, drops, transitions, floor work, knee rocks

footwork steps/leg steps: 1-step aka Coffee Grinder or Helicopter, 2-step, 3-step, 3-step quick, 4-step, air 4-step, 5-step, 6-step, 7-step, 8-step, 9-step, 10-step, 12-step aka scrambles, CC's,
diamond knee spin, knee rocks, spiderman footwork, kick outs, sweeps, baby/mini swipes, air hooks, shuffles, casper shuffles, zulu spins, skateboard, ninja spin, triple ninja aka (swipe to freeze), russian taps, sliding taps, russians, hooks, thread spin, reverse step, track 2 shuffles, ness glyde, born kicks.

buckshot shorty

sweeps: 1 step aka coffee grinder or helicopter, sweep, 8 ball sweeps, ness swipe, swipes, mini swipes, baby swipes, sweep swipes, swindles, spindles

future foundation abstract footwork: wraps, weaves, threads, loops

drops: knee drops, corkscrew, ninja drops, glide/slide drops, ballerina drops, split drops, suicide

transitions: transfers, shoulder transitions, shoulder glides, scuttles, rolls, headswipes

floor work: scissor kicks, scissor shuffles, slides, glides, supermans, buttspins

Freezes: combinations, variations, basic freezes, blow ups, suicides
freezes: baby freeze, air baby, head freeze/ headstand, tripod, frog, spider, crab, turtle freeze, handglide freeze, baby freeze scissor/switch, transfers, nike, L-Kick, Pike, Elbow freeze, Elbow Plant, side freeze, chair freeze, air chair, back-bends aka bridge, shoulder freeze

poses: bboy stance, the W, suicide

Power: ground power, floats, sweeps/swipes ground power: windmill, backspin, headspin

floats: turtles, crickets, UFO glide, Handglide, baby walker, cockroach, Deadmen's

sweeps/swipes: master swipes, one legged master swipes

'Approach: state of mind, mentality, perspective, rhythm concept/musical training, perception, approaching the dance, flava